The Murder Capital

See The Murder Capital at The Hollow on March 23rd. Tickets are available here.

If you have ever seen The Murder Capital live then what will strike you most
about the experience is not the heaviness, the bleakness or the rage you might
expect, but witnessing a most extreme vision of tenderness. Their debut album,
When I Have Fears, recorded with Flood (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds,
New Order etc.), embodies this tenderness; it is a purple bruise on the hard knee of the so-called post-punk resurgence.

You might be surprised to know that the debut album from that dark, twisted
Dublin quintet (comprising of James McGovern, Gabriel Paschal Blake, Diarmuid
Brennan, Damien Tuit and, Cathal Roper) is, in all its boyish innocence and
vulnerability, a coming of age album. “When you get to your teens you begin to
feel like you’re playing catch up with your inner child. You have to dismantle all
the shit that was put into your parents brains and given to you.” Something as
small as questioning why at six years old your hands were clasped in prayer, becomes a quiet revolution.

The suicide of a close friend led not only to the birth of the band’s name but to
the philosophy of the entire album, “every single one of those lyrics relates back
in some way to his death”. Discovering the work of photographer Francesca
Woodman, was also a significant touch point. “The biggest impression it left was
relating to the loneliness of her photos. That sense of being completely on your
own, but also taking solace in the beauty of the work as well.”

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